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Acoustic Wave Therapy utilizes non-focalised shockwaves plus infrasonic pulses, and is perhaps the latest, non-invasive and safest technology in combating cellulite problems.

AWT has two application approaches :  "Soft Stimulation" and "Strong Stimulation".

In Soft Stimulation, low energy acoustic pulses are sent into subcutaneous layer to break down the hardening and contracted connective tissue which acts to support fat cells. It helps to restore the elasticity of connective tissue and thicken dermis. As a result, skin becomes supple and smooth. The Stimulation also promote local blood supply for rejuvenation and lymphatic circulation for better waste drainage.

Strong Stimulation delivers medium energy non-focalised shockwave to break down fat cells to drain Triglyceride from fat cells. This helps to greatly reduce the protrusion of fat cells.





 During AWT


Advantages of AWT

  • SAFE - Unlike other techniques, such as radio frequency or ultrasound, AWT will not heat tissue so the treatment is free from risk of burn.
  • USER FRIENDLY - Application involves a gentle stroking technique over the treatment area using a light weight handheld applicator.
  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE - AWT uses clinically proven technology. Results can be seen right after the first treatment.


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