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ProCare - Wrist Wrap

Specially designed neoprene wrist wrap offers improved support and comfort. One size fits all, right or left.


ProCare - CTS Wrist Support

Cotton / elastic construction with a circumferential strap for improved wrist stabilization. Pre-formed aluminum stay. Contact closure.


ProCare - Universal Cock-Up Splint

Quality vinyl, foam, tricot construction. Available in 10” and 7” length. May be worm on either hand. Dual stay configuration.


ProCare - Abducted ThumbSPICA

Volara foam laminate construction with contact closure. Effective for deQuervain’s syndrome and arthritis. One size fits right or left.


ProCare - Wrist Thumb Wrap

Offers wrist support with thumb abduction. One size fits all, left or right.



ProCare - Thumb Splint

Perforated suede with flannel liner. Malleable stay helps abduct thumb in proper position. Elastic contact closure strap. One size, fits right or left.


Selection - Wrist Soft

Selection Wrist Soft is a standard wrist brace in a "glove version" with two closing tabs attached to lacing on the ulnar side of the wrist. It have an adjustable thumb strap, and the shape is low cut in the palm area to allow for the bending zone. Also this model is well cut around the thumb muscules to allow full movement of the thumb. It comes with a pre-shaped plastic spoon on the palmar side and a soft narrow plastic spoon on the dorsal side.

Selection - Thumb Rigid

Selection Thumb Rigid gives more stability due to non-elastic fabric around the thumb section. It keeps the thumb in a relaxed and pain free position.


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