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  • Produces hyper-gravity load by rapid vertical vibration.

  • Applies "Over-Load Principle" to achieve musculoskeletal strengthening effect.
  • Induces high EMG activities through triggering involuntary reflex by hyper-gravity stimulation.


  • Serves Warm Up, Strenthening and Relaxation all three phases.
  • Highly effective as over 100% muscle potential are recruited due to Hyper-Gravity Stimulation; while only 40% and up to 80% muscle potential are used in normal activities and elite sports respectively.
  • Safe enough for strengthen training in early rehabilitation stage and for old and weak people as Hyper-Gravity Stimulation Training is closed chain form and requires only static poses.
  • Short training duration (15~20 min. per session) as HGST induces rapid muscle contraction in frequency of 30 ~ 50 Hz.


  • Prevents and reverses muscle atrophy after injuries and in post-operation stage.
  • Muscle strengthening for better joints protection, e.g. Osteo-Arthritic Knee.
  • Prevents and reverses bone density loss.
  • Balance and proprioceptive training.
  • Relief of muscle spasm.
  • Glycemic control in Diabetic Type II.

Professional Sports

  • Muscle mass building.
  • Improves both isometric and dynamic strength.
  • Enhances effect and progress of ordinary training program as scientific studies have confirmed HGST can boost Testosterone and Growth Hormone by 7% and 460% respectively.


  • Reduces stress as scientific studies show HGST can suppress cortisol by 30+%.

  • Improves joints flexibility and agility.
  • Prevents Osteoporosis and Sarcopenia.
  • Less exertional weight management.
  • Cellulite reduction.
  • Ideal alternative physical exercise for city people; thanks to shorter training time (15- minute HGST equals to 45-minute conventional workout).
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