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CRYOFLOW ICE-CT - Airflow Cryotherapy with Temperature Feedback

  • Infrared skin temperature feedback control.
  • Highly efficient cooling circuit to produce cold air as low as -32oC from surrounding air.
  • High air flow as fast as 1000 litres per minute to produce efficient "Thermal Shock" effect.
  • Hands free operation with articulating arm.
  • Timer setting from 1 to 590 minutes.
  • Integrated treatment programs for indications of Pain Relief, Inflammation, Oedema, Post Surgical and Spray & Stretch.








CRYO-2 Dynamic Cold Therapy System

  • Battery-powered motor to drive cold water circulation and to provide intermittent compression.
  • Portable design, 2 kg. (empty tank).
  • Various treatment cuffs for selection.
  • Handheld Probe is available as option for targeted cold treatment.


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