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The common ultrasound frequency being used in aesthetic treatment is 3MHz. Its major effects are increasing metabolism and vasodilation. The effective depth is approx. 2 cm.

Ultrasound Lipolysis uses ultrasound frequency below 1MHz. At low frequency, cavitation (bubbling effect) occurs. When the bubbles implode under the pressure of ultrasound, the phoenomonen creates micro shock wave and the shock wave energy break down the membrane of adipocytes (fat cells). The adipocytes become emulsified and eventually absorbed/drained by lymphatic circulation. The effective depth of 330KHz ultrasound frequency can reach about 6 cm.

The advantage of Ultrasound Lipolysis is Non-invasive therefore it is safer than aggressive surgical treatment like liposuction which must be administered by plastic surgeons. Although the micro cavitation effect in Ultrasound Lipolysis can break down membrane of adipocyts, its energy level will not damage vessels and other tissue unless under normal use.





  • Dual frequency 3MHz and 330KHz.
  • Max. output power 2 Watt/cm
  • Treatment Head size 4.4 cm.
  • 30 preset programs – Skin Treatment (Acne / Face Lift / Wrinkles / Scars / Couperose / Spots); Beauty (Firming / Massage / Sculpting / Drainage / Stretch Marks); and Ultrasound Lipolysis.
  • Powered by AC mains or rechargeable battery.
  • Dimensions 170 x 220 x 60 mm / 1 kg.
  • Made in Italy.
  • Suitable for both professional and home use.


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