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Regular exercise is known important to people with diabetes. It helps with blood sugar control, weight control and high blood pressure. In diabetic population, those who exercise regularly are less likely to experience heart attack or stroke than others who do not exercise. Exercise can help to control blood glucose level as exercising muscle cells consume more sugar and oxygen. Exercise also helps insulin to work better.

However, there is still a negligible amount of diabetic patients to take advantage of physical exercises. Exertion and time are most common excuses.

Atlhough HGST is not exertionless, it is better accepted by people who resist conventional physical exercises because no dynamic movement is required in HGST and exercising time can be as short as 15 minutes per session. Besides working muscles in larger volume and in rapid rate during a HGST session, studies show HGST also accelerates rest metabolism rate.

Studies have suggested HGST effective in controlling glycemic in patients of Diabetes Type 2. (read attached study)



  • Designed for ulcerative or pre-ulcerative diabetic foot.
  • Tri-laminated IMPAX grid insole features removable foam blocks for re-distributing pressure away from ulcers.
  • Top layer of insole stays in contact with plantar surface to avoid pressure points.
  • Squared toe box and side foot bed to accommodate wound dressing.
  • Removable reinforced toe cover.
  • Rocker bottom design.
  • Origin U.S.A.


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