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  Osteoarthritis Knee


TULI'S Shock Absorbers

  • Provides good dampening effect to reduce shock transmission to impact painful knee during gaiting.
  • Patented waffle structure for optimal shock absorption and keeps absorbers light weight.
  • Invented by U.S. Podiatrist, Dr. Murray Davidson in the 80s.
  • Available in heel cups and full insoles.
  • Origin - U.S.A.



TULIGEL Heavy Duty Heel Cups 

 TULI'S GAITORS  (for Flat Foot)

    TULI'S ROADRUNNERS         (for sports shoes)



It is known that stronger quadriceps and hamstrings can help to protect knee joints and good weight control also avoids putting excessive load on knee joints. However, conventional physical exercises can be torture for OA Knee sufferers.

Thanks to the character of "Training in Static Positions", HGST becomes an ideal form of physical training for OA Knee sufferers.



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