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  Celebral Palsy

S.W.A.S.H. Functional Hip Orthosis

  • Prevents scissoring gait.
  • Guides legs to open and pelvic to tilt forward while sitting; leading to a stable and better sitting posture.
  • Corrects hip alignment in long term use.
  • Fits infants to older kids.
  • Origin - Sweden.

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D-ACTOR®Muscular Massage

D-ACTOR® is a patented treatment head of MASTERPULS series Radial Shockwave Therapy System. It generates both radial shockwave and infrasonic wave. Studies and clinical practice show this strong vibration-like energy effective in relieving muscle tone to reduce spasticity.



Resistance training to strengthen quadriceps muscles is known to help improving walking ability in Cerebral Palsy patients.

HGST is a new form of resistance training. It utilizes high frequency hyper-gravity load to impact exerciser, inducing involuntary reflex (stretch reflex) to trigger large amount of EMG activities (muscle contraction).

A study done in Sweden showed HGST helps to reduce spasticity in knee extensors, increase muscle strength and increase gross motor function as good as conventional resistance training.

The advantage of HGST is that it is done in static positions which is believed to be easier to perform by CP children. Besides, a session of HGST requires only 10 ~ 20 mins.

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