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  Drop Foot

ToeOFF®Dynamic Ankle-Foot Orthosis

  • Light weight and low profile made of carbon fibre, glass fibre and KEVLAR fibre.
  • Patented lateral-anterior spiral upright design.
  • Pre-fitted in shoe so that user can wear and take off ToeOFF®together with shoe.
  • ToeOFF®does not require a extra large size shoe to accommodate the Orthosis as conventional plastic AFOs do.
  • Prevents drop foot and provides assistive energy for toe-off phase in gait.
  • 5 styles and 16 sizes fit infants to adults.
  • Origin - Sweden.
  • Reads Marathon ruuner - Ms. Beth Deloria's story with her ToeOFF®orthosis -


NAVIGAIT is a new alternative for users with a mild foot drop. The amount of dorsiflexion is easily adjusted with an elastic coil to accommodate the user specific needs.

  • Developed to better assist user with a mild foot drop to gain better dorsiflexion
  • The padded shell is positioned comfortably on the shin.
  • Removable interface.
  • The amount of dorsiflexion is adjusted through the position in the lacing and with the velcro attachment on the shin plate.
  • Low profile design makes it invisible under slacks.
  • NAVIGAIT is available in two sizes.
  • The plastic shin part can be trimmed with scissors if needed.


Click here for further info about ToeOFF® and NAVIGAIT



The unique character - "Training in Static Positions" makes HGST an ideal form of physical training for drop foot sufferers.

The benefits of HGST for drop foot sufferers include:

  • Muscle strengthening.
  • Prevents bone density loss.
  • Improves balance.




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